Make a guide

How to make a plan

First, tap Make a plan on the home screen.


Home screen


Change to right screen. If the screen for sign-up (registration) or sign-in (authentication) is displayed

① If you do not have an account, tap Sign up to create an account

② If you have already registered, go to Sign in.


Let’s take a look at each explanation!

1 Plan Name
This app is “Create your own plan!”, So, enter the name of the plan.

For example
Go to a local famous restaurant
Explore the beautiful scenery of your area
Go to the festival
Enter what you want to introduce or do with traveler

2 Price
Set the price of the plan! Enter the cost of making the plan and the amount you think. Of course even free. For example, The price is set to 100$ because it guides all day for you. The point is how much is it per person or a group. The tour itself is 100$ or 100$ per person.

3 When do guests pay 

Enter the timing when you want the participants to pay the price set in 2.

Prepayment or postpay etc.

4 Country

Basically please write the country of departure. This is because there are tours across the country.

5 Departure state/prov
Please enter the state/prov of departure.

6 Departure city/district
Please enter the city/district of departure.

7 Tour dates

Please enter the date of the tour.

For example, Thursday, October 17. every day. every Saturday. 20th of every month.

8 Starting time

Please select the time to start the tour.

9 Finishing time
Please select the approximate time when the tour ends. Do not select if you do not know when it will end.

10 Language

Enter the language you want to speak.

11 Minimum group size
Please enter the minimum group size for the tour.

12 Maximum group size

Please enter the maximum group size for the tour.

13 Plan details

Please enter details of the tour.

14 Finally, press the Confirmation button to register the tour.

A message will be sent from the traveler to the email address you registered when you created your account.

That’s it.

If you want to interact with foreigners, we recommend that you make plans in other languages.

Let guide for domestic and foreign travelers in your area. and give for them wonderful local experiences!Please make your original plan! !

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